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Reception Desk

The receptionist is the first person that someone visiting your business will come in contact with. The first impression is of the utmost importance in any business. Providing a unique, and functional reception desk for visitors and the receptionist is always important. The desk needs to be inviting, allowing an area for the visitors to sign in, while the receptionist has plenty of room for equipment and supplies. The receptionist’s desk, along with surrounding cabinets for organization can be designed for your specific needs. Our custom laminate desks and cabinets are modernized, and provide function to your office environment.

  • Many colors to choose from

  • Specialty designs

  • Personalized function

  • Customized layout

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Break Rooms

A breakroom is a place that is set aside in order for employees to relax from work throughout the day. During this time they might want to eat, relax, or socialize with fellow co workers. We enjoy designing these breakrooms for the companies specific needs. We do so by making the break room more modernized. There is nothing worse than a dull breakroom! Providing a unique and modern look will enhance the productivity of the worker when they return from their break.

We will customize your break room with modern countertops and cabinets, providing enough storage for your break room products. We can also coordinate matching table tops, making the break room more inviting.

  • Variety of colors

  • Break room functionality

  • Specialty cabinets

  • Matching countertops

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Office Desks

A desk is the most important piece of furniture in an office environment, whether it be an executive desk, computer desk, or writing desk. The styles are endless. Each area of your business might require a different desk for the specific needs of that office. Our modern designs include modular workstations, and so much more. We customize the desks for your specific needs, adding special features that will make your desk more functional and attractive.

We work diligently to modernize your work area. Not only do we build individual desks, we also build matching hutches, allowing additional space in your work area.

  • Individual desks

  • Conference room decks

  • Modernized style

  • Personalized functionality

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Medical Cabinets

In order to be productive and achieve the needs of the doctors, nurses, and patients, Custom Laminate Specialties will provide you with the medical cabinets necessary for your business. Our expert knowledge helps us construct the medical cabinets and workstations needed in order for you and your business to be productive. Each workstation is designed for the specific room or area in question. Due to the high traffic in a medical business, our products are constructed and built to last.

Your input is necessary to determine the layout of your medical cabinets in order for them to function for your specific needs.

  • Long lasting product

  • Specialized workstations

  • Multiple colors

  • Specified designs

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work tops

Worktops are better known as prepping stations in the food industry. A worktop must be made of non-porous material in order to prevent food contamination. At Custom Laminate Specialties we use industrial grade material for all worktops. The worktop requirements must pass all state and local sanitary laws for any food establishment.

We design, customize, and build the worktops for your establishments specific needs. Regardless of the size or amount of worktops you are in need of, Custom Laminate Specialties can perform any project from small to extremely large while exceeding your expectations.

  • Non-porous material

  • Industry standards

  • Specialized options

  • Build and install

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Office Cabinets

Our team of experts at Custom Laminate Specialists work directly with you in order to customize your office cabinets. Our cabinets are designed and built specifically to the needs of the customer. Each office, and the demands for organization are different, therefore, no matter the size, we are here to accommodate you.

Whether you are replacing old cabinets, or installing cabinets in a new office, we are here to provide you with the services that you need!

  • Laminate cabinets

  • Custom office cabinets

  • Specialty design

  • Built strong

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Custom Laminate Specialists are experts in cabinet manufacturing. Every project is unique in its own way. Our experts provide their knowledge to the consumer every step of the way, from wood choices, to cabinetry options, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. We ensure that our products meet your needs throughout your business environment.

Our cabinets are modern with functionality being of the utmost importance. Cabinet manufacturing is our specialty. Contact us for your specific needs.

  • Customized manufacturing

  • Product knowledge

  • Choice of wood

  • Choice of design

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